Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit T.H.G.R. Fitness, where the belief is that everyone has what it takes to become the healthiest and fittest version of themselves. And where your trainer takes pride in helping his clients accomplish their goals.

We operate with the understanding that every person is completely unique, and that no single fitness program works the same for everyone. Because of this, we ensure that each program is designed specifically for each individual client. We help our clients to develop healthier nutritional habits, as well as incorporate personal exercise programs that fit their daily schedules, even if there has been little to no experience with exercise or monitoring nutrition.

T.H.G.R. Fitness offers a variety of training options, from private & semi-private training, to online personal training, all to help you reach your health & fitness goals as efficiently and as effectively possible. With T.H.G.R. Fitness you’ll find plenty of options, all personalized to help lead you to success. What you won’t find are gimmicks, excuses and empty commitments.

Our passion is helping people to achieve health & fitness goals that they didn't even know were possible. Apply for you complimentary consultation today, and get started on becoming our next success story.

 “Train hard and get results. Real Fitness, Real Results” – James D. Sanders

Check Out THGR Fitness, now training out of The Garage Personal Training Studio: Located on the SE Corner of Warner and Lindsay near Albertsons

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